Our past projects have already made history. Now we invest in the future

Prime contract – minimization of risks

Process equipment. We guarantee the required results

Priority – quality of equipment installation

People – our main resource. Work rhythms

75 years. Trust based on experience

Stability is our way to excellence

Prime Contractor. Fine-grained details behind the large-scale projects

Uralmetallurgmontazh 2, OJSC is the largest regional company specializing in installation of process equipment, piping, and steel structures. The company history dated back to 1942.

The Company history started when Krasnouralsk Installation Enterprise was established as a part of USSR Construction and Installation Trust Stroymontazh under the Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Ministry of USSR. The enterprise had an active role in the process of the country industrialization. Over dozens of years of its operation, the enterprise had several names, association forms, and types of activities, had multiple structural changes, implemented and continues to implement various construction and installation projects in connection with commissioning of capacities for greenfield and brownfield ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgical plants, mining, cement, petrochemical, energy, and other industry sectors. Over the 75 years of its history, the Company constructed and commissioned many of the largest facilities in the Urals region and Russia.