Our company mission is to contribute to development of national industry through provision of quality services in connection with construction and installation of process equipment, piping, and steel structures while maintaining the invariably high professional level and responsibility in relations with its partners and employees.

The company activities are based on the 4 key principles:


  • Ability to delegate the authority to the lower levels of company management;
  • Quality of construction services must meet and exceed the Customer requirements.


  • Well-considered management policy and flexible approach to the Customers and partners;
  • Improvement of construction sites management system to ensure efficient distribution of human resources, sharing of engineering concepts, investments into modern welding and installation technologies, control over work quality.


  • Improvement of professional level and labor efficiency through the fusion of experience and best industry practices and management techniques;
  • Development of partner relations, cooperation with all the parties concerned;
  • Fair assessment of work results based on the competence and responsibility level.


  • Continuous personnel training and competence development, incentives for mentorship and innovative approach;
  • expansion of production services scope, industry-specific and market competences, geographic footprint of company projects.

The company embraces the principles of transparency and international codes of responsible management. The company’s management system is certified to compliance with the following international standards: ISO 9001-2011 (quality); ISO 14001-2007 (environment); ISO (OHSAS-18001) (occupational health).