The activities performed by Uralmetallurgmontazh 2, Open Joint Stock Company (further referred to as UMM 2, OJSC) have strategic significance for the construction industry of Russia and Sverdlovsk Region. Being one of the largest contractors in the industrial construction market specializing in fabrication and installation of steel structures and equipment commissioning, the Company fully realizes its responsibility to the society for creation of healthy work conditions and ensuring the industrial safety.

In the course of performance of all activities, the Company recognizes the priority of employee life and health over operational results. The executives of Uralmetallurgmontazh 2, OJSC consider the occupational health and safety system as the necessary element of efficient Company operations management and assumes liability for management of operational risks which may impact the employee life and health, equipment, and property.

Occupational health and safety objectives

The main company objectives are as follows:

  • Create safe work conditions and preserve the life and health of Company employees;
  • Ensure the reliable operation of hazardous process facilities;
  • Reduce the risk of accidents at hazardous process facilities.

The above objectives are achieved by prevention of injuries, occupational diseases, emergencies, and incidents due to identification of hazards; evaluation and management of operational risks; training of employees and their involvement into the occupational health and safety management system.

Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety commitments

The company assumes the following commitments for achievement of objectives defined in its policy:

  • Continuously reduce the occurrence rates of incidents, work-related injuries, and occupational diseases;
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of federal and regional law, internal documents of UMM 2, OJSC regulating the occupational health and safety matters, including the international standards and the standards adopted by UMM 2, OJSC;
  • Ensure efficient functioning and continuous improvement of occupational health and safety system;
  • Identify, assess and reduce the occupational health and safety risks;
  • Ensure implementation of R&D results, technologies, and methods for occupational health and safety management;
  • Encourage the employees to actively participate in occupational health and safety activities, create conditions, including the development of incentives methods, in which all Company employees realize the responsibility for their own safety and safety of other people around them;
  • Provide for necessary financial, material and technical resources for implementation of this Policy;
  • Continuously improve the level of knowledge and competence in the field of occupational health and safety;
  • Control the compliance with occupational health and safety requirements at the operational sites;
  • Obligate the contractors performing work at the facilities jointly with UMM 2, OJSC to comply with the occupational health and safety standards and codes adopted by UMM 2, OJSC;
  • Periodically analyze, revise and improve the Company Occupational Health and Safety Policy and familiarize the Company employees and other concerned organizations with the Policy.

Functional duties of occupational health and safety division

  • Organize periodic medical checks; organize special evaluation of work conditions;
  • Arrange training for workers and engineers;
  • Check the workers’ knowledge of occupational health and safety codes and rules at least once a year, check the engineers’ knowledge at least once every three years for occupational health and perform safety certification at least once every five years;
  • Organize and follow up the performance of briefings and knowledge verification in occupational health and safety;
  • Make sure that the company departments and sites fulfill the orders issued by the state supervision and control authorities and comply with the actions proposed by the incident and injury investigation committees;
  • Control the compliance with environmental safety and protection activities;
  • Control the conformance of facilities and equipment to the occupational health and safety codes and rules;
  • Operative and advisory communication with the state supervision and control authorities regarding occupational health, environmental and safety matters in connection with facility operation;
  • Control the compliance with the labor law, orders, occupational health rules, instructions and ordinances of state supervision and control authorities.

Supervision over:

  • Safe performance of work during operation of process equipment, tools, machinery, and mechanisms;
  • Sanitary and hygienic conditions at work places;
  • Serviceability and correct use of personal protective equipment and safety means;
  • Check of occupational health conditions at the facilities in the scope of three-level control over the occupational health and safety conditions;
  • Issue of ordinances (instructions) to the managers and specialists of the sites and departments for rectification of defaults and non-compliance;
  • Participation in investigation of work-related incidents and injuries;
  • Participation in development of activities for prevention of incidents and injuries, control over their performance.

Each construction and installation site has its own occupational health and safety engineer. Certified engineers are appointed by corporate orders at each construction and installation site to ensure the safe work performance, industrial safety, and electric safety.


1. Employer Compliance Certificate No. 21 dated 26/8/2014. The company is included into the register of employers which comply with the employment rights of the employees in the framework of the project “Certification of companies’ compliance with the employment rights of the employees and the employers”.

2. Certificate of Work Compliance with Occupational Safety Requirements SSOT No. 003109 dated 20/9/2011.

3. Certificate of Occupational Health System Compliance with Requirements of GOST 12.0.230-2007 (OHSAS 18001) No. РОСС RU.И282.04ЦИ00/СМОТ.05472 dated 25/12/2013.

4. Certificate of Environmental Management System Compliance with Requirements of GOST R ISO 14001-2007 (ISO 14001) No. РОСС RU.И297.04ИЭ00/СЭМ.02507 dated 25/12/2013.