Installation of equipment for the companies operating in various industry sectors is performed in several stages:

First: organizational and technical preparation, i.e., development of design documentation, arrangement of installation site.

Second: installation of equipment, i.e., demounting activities (if necessary), welding of pipes, steel structures, revision and final installation.

Third: commissioning activities performed by specialized teams, i.e., integrated equipment tests, rectification of any defects discovered at this stage, preparation for startup with operating media, preparation of installed equipment and transfer to the process conditions.

All the process equipment installation activities are performed in accordance with the effective international standards, sanitary and operation codes. Special care is taken to comply with the safe work practices and requirements. Installation work is performed in accordance with the approved design documentation, current technical specifications, standards, construction codes, work performance and acceptance rules by the certified specialists using the modern technologies, tools, and materials.

The installation work timeframe and schedule are coordinated with the Customer. Due to the modern efficient technologies and high professional level of company employees, installation of process equipment is performed at the high quality level.