Piping is a line used for transportation of liquid, gas, and granular solids. The process piping category covers all the pipelines of industrial companies delivering raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products; steam, water, fuel, gas, etc.

Piping installation work shall be performed in the following sequence:

  • Benchmarking of piping route;
  • Installation of support structures and hangers;
  • Delivery of spools and individual parts to the installation site, lifting and installation into the design position, verification and attachment;
  • Preparation of joints for welding, welding and assembly of flanged connections;
  • Control and verification of security of piping attachment to fixed supports.

Process piping and service media piping are the main utility networks in many industry sectors. They are subject to high quality, installation, fabrication, and design requirements.

Uralmetallurgmontazh 2, OJSC performs installation of piping of any complexity made of various steel grades and polymeric materials. Our company has all the required permits and certificates and has vast experience of work performance at extremely hazardous facilities with piping of any category.

Piping made of various steel grades are welded using manual argon arc welding and automatic arc welding techniques. The range of diameters is from 6 mm to 1400 mm, wall thicknesses from 1.2 mm to 20 mm, medium temperatures from -198°С to + 650°С

Butt and socket welding techniques are applied for piping made of polymeric materials using European equipment. The range of diameters is from 6 mm to 800 mm, wall thicknesses from 2 mm to 40 mm.

After the installation, all pipelines are subjected to necessary tests and laboratory examination and insulated in accordance with the requirements of Industrial Safety and new technologies.