1. Document flow

    The electronic document management system (EDMS) Directum was implemented to improve the work efficiency of every company employee in various fields of their joint effort. The system supports the distributed content management with full support of the life cycle, document input from various sources, document transformation and storage in various formats.

    Main system advantages:

    • Tools to simplify identification and search for paper documents;
    • Enhanced functionality due to the modules for Power of Attorney Management, Contract Management, Correspondence Control and possibility to set up customized modules;
    • Two options to use the system: via the desktop client and via the web client;
    • High scalability to support the work of hundreds of users and storage of millions of various documents;
    • Compliance with Russian standards and document control and management codes.

    Implementation of Directum EDMS by Uralmetallurgmontazh 2:

    • Deployment of Directum EDMS server HP servers and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and data storage server Widows MySQL Server 2008 R2;
    • Daily data backup in Directum EDMS and differential data archiving during the work day;
    • access to Directum EDMS web client based on IIS 7 architecture and Сisco 2911 router which serves as the access point;
    • Mobile web access to the system;
    • Additional document management modules: External Code Management, bar code system for incoming and outgoing correspondence;
    • 95 licenses, including web access.
  2. Pricing

    The Grand Smeta software is simple and easy to use. The software logic fully meets the daily tasks of cost estimate specialists and gives them a convenient and efficient tool for handling the usual work operations. The regulatory base is regulated based on the conditions in the specific region, i.e., adjustment of costs in accordance with the local material prices, possibility to enter data on estimated zonal costs of local materials, individual catalogues, etc.

    Cost estimates are prepared using:

    • 26 keys of Grand Smeta software, versions 6.05 and 7.0.4 for fulfillment of cost estimation tasks;
    • Centralized data storage system based on HP servers and integrated package of Sharepoint corporate applications for remote work with cost estimates;
    • Set of web application for arrangement of joint work.
  3. Design and drafting tools

    The company uses the computer-aided design and drafting software developed by Autodesk. AutoCAD and specialized applications based on AutoCAD offer a wide range of capabilities in construction and associated design projects.

    Work with the drawings and design documentation is arranged using:

    • work stations with AutoCad versions 2012-2015 as light software series AutoCad LT;
    • computer-aided design software Autodesk Navisworks Simulate 2013 for expert review of architectural and civil design which enables the full control over the results;
    • design engineering department which prepares and revises design documentation for construction;
    • FTP server based on Windows Server 2008 R2 for transmission of large drawings;
    • network storage in the central office for shared access to drawings and design documentation, storage and archiving;
    • over 24 licenses for Autodesk products;
    • Microsoft Project software where the members of project groups can manage the tasks, perform joint work, send schedules and mark issues and risks. Due to the detailed and easily adjustable standard reports, project managers can track the progress of performance and forecast the required resources.
  4. Automation of company operations

    The 1С:Enterprise software is implemented to automate the financial and management accounting tasks, including the payroll and HR management.

    • the financial accounting tasks are performed in the 1C Accounting software, version 7.7;
    • the payroll and HR management tasks are performed in the 1C Payroll and HR, version 8.1.
  5. Construction timeframe control

    Remote video surveillance is arranged at the project sites based on IP cameras Axis Q6042-E to control compliance with the construction plans and ensure the following advantages:

    • Video surveillance over the construction progress;
    • 40x zoom detecting small defects during the construction process;
    • Video and photo records to track the construction progress;
    • Shared access of several users;
    • Turn mechanisms to monitor the site with the 360 degree view angle.
  6. Information and analytical systems

    The systems include the entire set of regulatory references, consulting data, directory information as well as the unique analytical services. The new technologies ensure fast search, convenient work with the documents and detailed analysis of legal information. The systems cover the details and texts of over 150 thousand reference documents applicable in the Russian Federation and approximately one thousand types of codes (SNiP, SanPiN, RD, process charts, typical design documents, etc.).

    The following information systems are used by our company to search for the required information in the current version:

    • NormaCS – information system designed for search, use and discussion of reference documents and standards in the design and engineering sector in the Russian Federation which regulate the activities of companies in various industry sectors;
    • ConsultantPlus – unique analytical materials which describe the procedure for handling the majority of practical matters which may arise in the course of work of various specialists (accountants, lawyers, budget planning experts, HR specialists);
    • Techexpert Code – information system which includes the fullest and regularly updated collections of data in the field of technical regulation as well as the federal laws, technical codes which define the requirements to the products and production processes in various sectors.
  7. Video surveillance

    The Macroscop software and 22 IP cameras ensure the safety of the main office of Uralmetallurgmontazh 2, OJSC. The company specialists selected the video system software for the accuracy and clarity of transferred image as well as the possibility of unlimited system scalability by increasing the server and data storage capacities.

    The following capabilities are essential for the security of the premises:

    • Motion detection within the camera field of view;
    • Selection of frame with the highest recognition rate for saving to the database;
    • Selection of individual detection zones;
    • Selection of maximum and minimum camera view angles.

    The MACROSCOP video system has been successfully operated since October 2013 года; the company specialists had no installation or operation issues.