Uralmetallurgmontazh 2, OJSC has complex approach to the work performance process. The company has vast experience in performance of such work types in the framework of prime contracts and holds the full set of licenses and permits, employs qualified personnel and has the required vehicles and tools. Normally, corrosion protection activities performed by UMM 2, OJSC form an integral part of the company’s contractual obligations.

Currently, the company’s Corrosion Protection Department has all the high-skilled professionals, modern equipment and technologies as required for successful performance of corrosion protection activities under direct contracts with the Customer. The activities associated with application of protective coatings are performed with consideration of primary and secondary requirements defined by the manufacturers of varnish and paint materials.

Uralmetallurgmontazh 2, OJSC provides the following services in connection with corrosion protection of civil structures:

  • Structure surface preparation in accordance with the requirements of design documentation.
  • Application of corrosion protection on the surface using varnish and paint materials produced by Russian and foreign companies.

Over the last few years, UMM 2, OJSC performed complex corrosion protection activities at the sites of Uralelektromed, JSC, Seversky Pipe Works, PJSC, Svyatogor, OJSC, Gaisky GOK, OJSC, Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant.

All the above activities are performed by qualified personnel fully prepared to perform complex corrosion protection activities at the high professional level and within the shortest possible timeframe. The company employs industrial climbers who perform various complicated projects using modern high-technology equipment. The qualification of industrial climbers conforms to the international requirements. Specialists of Uralmetallurgmontazh 2, OJSC pay special attention to compliance with technologies and quality control, which is essential for reduction of the Customer’s operation costs.